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  • Florida Studio Theatre 1
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  • These grants allow teacher to bring these experiences to children who otherwise might not have that opportunity.
    Lori White
    Superintendent Sarasota County School District
  • We pay tribute to Leslie and Margaret Weller, whose passion for education has enabled our Community Foundation to make our half-million, five-year commitment to current explorations, and to The Patterson Foundation, our partner in building an endowment to ensure student access to explorations for years to come,” said John Annis, Vice President of Community Investment of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County.
    John Annis
    Vice President of Community Investment
  • Knowing how EdExplore opportunities enrich a student’s perspective, encourage creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and tap in to the amazing cultural and environmental resources in our community, the Community Foundation of Sarasota County is proud to be a partner in this exciting collaboration,” said Roxie Jerde, President and CEO of the Community Foundation. “Ensuring resources are available for explorations will allow the Sarasota County School District to continue to be a shining star of all Florida school districts with its focus on students and experiential learning opportunities.
    Roxie Jerde
    President and CEO
  • We created an e-harmony-type platform that is a matchmaker between the standards that teachers are teaching in the classroom and these exciting experiences that are better connected.
    Laurey Stryker
    The Patterson Foundation EdExplore Consultant
  • There are critical thinking skills that are not achieved in a simulated classroom experience that an experiential project, like soil dissection, is more effective and helps the children learn in a different way.
    Jeannie Perales
    Selby Gardens Education Director
DPS_7877EdExplore provides the gateway to the wide-array of cultural, arts, and science resources and talent that enrich our community. Learn More…


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View the Community website of Sarasota, Florida.

Services We Provide

Consultation with Key District/Community Organizations

The Sarasota County School District will consult about the EdExplore web-based platform, training models, the collaborative process, resources, funding alternatives, and research-based practices with interested School Districts, Community Organizations upon request.    

Initial Set up of your own District/Community EdExplore website

The Sarasota County School District will build the initial shell of EdExplore for your own district/community website replicating the format of EdExplore.SRQ with limited technical support.

Presentations | Workshops | Training

The Sarasota County School District will conduct presentations/workshops/training providing more in depth information about the EdExplore history, process of implementation, benefits of experiential learning, and technical aspects of the website.  In addition, local principals, community leaders, exemplary providers and teachers will share their personal stories and lessons learned.

Learn Along Explorations

Upon request, school district or community representatives can experience first-hand an Exploration in Action.  This unique opportunity enables guests to learn more about how the teachers and providers work collaboratively to design relevant, hands-on learning experiences that “bring learning to life” for students in unforgettable ways and are aligned to curriculum standards often integrated with multiple content disciplines.


Upon Request, the Sarasota County School District may provide some limited coaching on site based on availability of consultants.

Case Study: Sarasota, Florida


I love EdExplore because it saves me time by having the programs priced and ready to go for grants organized by grade level and subject. I also am able to review several options for a variety of learning experiences in Sarasota all from one source!

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Community Collaborators

Arts and Culture Alliance
Community Foundation
Scienc and Environment Council
The Education Foundation of Sarasota County
The Patterson Foundation

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